Route 66: 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Route 66 :2010 Day 4

Today is 6/15/10

Our adventures today start with a limo trip to Santa Monica, (after breakfast, of course). This is the "end" of the road for Route 66; that is of course, unless you do what we are doing and go LA/ Santa Monica to Chicago and then, it's just the beginning! There's something just plain Right about traveling in a limo. Very rockstarish!

I think this was the first time I really understood just how many people were set to take part in this ride, but it still felt a little "vague" as we were still just hanging out and spending time on the beach. Morten, Hans & I hung out and just relaxed a bit. We walked the boardwalk, checked out the Route 66 schwag and checked out the "California Girls". Some of them were Wonderful! Some, yeah, not so much.

The three of us had lunch at a very nice Italian restaurant across from the pier. Lunch was nice and then we walked around for some time. As we were walking around, we found the Apple store for earbud replacements & some troubleshooting. More importantly, (to some), we found the Cabo Wabo Cantina. Yay!!! Cabo Wabo Repasado was just what the doctor ordered. With a Mexican beer chaser, of course. :)

We wondered around some more and came across some street musicians. One group was Very cool. The guitar player/singer was channeling Jimi Hendrix, right down to the left-handed strat. Very good stuff. Outside of the street tunes, there were the requisite freak show cast members. "Interesting" was the word on the street as we were heading off to meet the rest of the group and the limo.

As we were getting ready to load up, I finally remembered what I was supposed to have done...check out the Harley shop and look for a taillight and lens for the Sporty. Somehow, she decided to shed those along the road. Nice, huh.

After we returned and relaxed, it was time to get it all together because tomorrow, time to RIDE!!! We had the discussion of what to expect, who was riding where, and what to expect as we're out on the road. I, of course, assume that what the meeting was about, since it was conducted in Norwegian - as it should have been. I didn't hear much of "that American", so I guess it was pretty much business. Actually, both Morten & Hans took VERY good care of me and translated the "important" stuff. I ended up second to last in the line. Supposedly, it was because of "skill level", but maybe it was to keep the American in the back... :)

Done for the day and ready to hit the sack for the big day tomorrow! Yay! We're ready to hit the road.

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