Route 66: 2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Route 66: 2010 Day 6

Today is 6/17/10

This is a day off, so we're hanging out and taking it easy. Vegas is always a bit "different" than anywhere. After-all, "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". I mean, you don't ever hear "What happens in Pueblo stays in Pueblo", although, come to think of it, you should.

One of the best parts of the Stratosphere was the door man. Morten, Hans & I, were looking for a nice place to get something to eat and experience a bit of "Vegas". He recommended a place that while it would have been "entertaining" it would also, have likely made a couple Moms frown; (including my own), so we decided against it. He did have a great spiel & I'd like to share it, but I'll clean it up a touch. "Boobies and Food, you can't go wrong."

Our time in Vegas was punctuated with a walk down the strip, people watching, "show" watching, like the water shows. They are pretty cool to watch. We spent a bit more time hanging out and I gambled my $20 and lost it in record time! Yay, Me!

Other than the short time it took me to lose money, things were pretty fun. As always, there were attractive people everywhere. There were opportunities for more people watching, shopping and some other fun stuff. We checked out the top of the Strat and watched their rides up there at the top. Kinda cool, but you can bet Expensive.

Dinner was at the Harley Davidson Cafe which was pretty fun in it's own right. As we were walking around, we let Morten have the privilege of being accosted by the street vendors. Since I've been there many times & the last time Hans was there, he got an arm load of paper, we both let Morten know what was heading his way. He's a smart man, so he deftly got out of it.

Another day went by the wayside and it was time to get some rest and get ready to rock tomorrow!

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