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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Channel 27 @ The Back Sheep 7/26/10

Do you enjoy music?  I mean Really enjoy live music when the musicians are really having fun?  I DO!!!

These are my recollections of my most recent live concert experience.  This was a show at The Black Sheep on Platte Ave in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Monday 7/26

Channel 27 is a Colorado Music Original.  I have to admit that in the past I've used "local music" or "local band" and while those monikers  are true, they just conjure the image of bands playing in their garages.  That being said, there's nothing wrong with a garage band,  if you're in high school.  Well, maybe Colorado Original Music, how's that?

So, here's a quick current rundown of Channel 27.  Currently, the line up is Ames on Lead Vocals, Eric on Lead Guitar, John on Bass and Mike on Drums.  This night the band is opening up a show for the band Fuel.

This time out Channel is number two on the bill, between Non Compliant and the headliner Fuel.  Tonight the band was Ready to Rock!  Channel 27 is a band that has a really great vibe.  They write their own songs that have a very cool groovy/funky/rock and roll feel to it.  In this show, as with most of their gigs, they line their setlist with nearly 100% original music.  Sure, there are cover songs here and there, but not enough to be considered a true "Cover Band"...Yay!!!

The original tunes are well constructed, intricate and well played.  The covers are a nice representation of tunes I like.  Tonight, the Band is Totally On!  As one who has seen a good share of bands over the years, I can safely say that when the band is ON, the show is SO much more fun!  Anyone who knows Anything knows that when the band is having fun, the crowd has fun and they feed off each other.  It makes everything So much better.  Both were happening at this show.

I've had the pleasure of seeing and hanging out with Channel 27 over the past few years.  Make no mistake, I've seen them put on good and even great shows, but this would have to be in the top 1%.  Yep, it was that good!  Channel did about 30 minutes of pure energy.  The Amy's vocals were tight, harmonies were spot on, John's bass was the perfect foundation, along with the solid drumming of Mike.  Everything combined to lay the groundwork for some fantastic guitar licks by Eric.  This show was fun for Everyone!

When you have the opportunity, please check Channel 27 out on the web at:, or perhaps even better, LIVE!

Please support Local Music or even better Colorado Original Music.


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