Route 66: 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Route 66: 2010 Day 7

Today is 6/18/10

We're heading out from Vegas today and are on our way into Arizona. We head out somewhat early and get out of the "city", Finally!!

Today we get to hang out on some Awesome roads. We ride through some twisties and we stopped at a spot with a great overlook. We stopped at Sitgreaves Pass. VERY high...really, well high for this area...3550. That's feet, not meters, by the way. The guides did some nice video work, or at least we think so, haven't seen the final footage yet, but really looking forward to seeing it.

After Sitgreaves Pass, take a detour into Oatman, AZ. This was an interesting place and witnessed a genuine, gunfight reenactment. Perhaps the most unique part of the this stop was the the burros or donkeys Everywhere. Seems that Oatman used to be a mining town and when the miners gave it up, they just left the burros, (that's the Spanish word for 'em). Even better was the sign that I didn't take a picture of. It is the "Jackass Crossing" signs that are everywhere. I gotta say, those signs could be put up many places, especially at at least one former employer. The shop keepers are great as well. As one nice lady said, anytime she sees someone taking a picture with one of the donkeys, she calls them an "ass kisser". The trip back out of the canyon that houses Oatman was just as much fun as going down.

Our next stop is Kingman, AZ. Kingman is another nice little locale on Route 66. I have to admit that I didn't really take many pictures this day, so I have to go by memory and we all know what that means; it was hot, the road was great, the rest of the group was great and being off of the interstate ROCKS!

After heading out of Kingman, we make our way to Williams, AZ.  What's so special about Williams, you might ask. It's on the outskirts of the Grand Canyon! We roll into Williams and a "rustic" motel. All in all, the place was OK. We are staying here two nights so that we can head to the canyon tomorrow.

We all head to a place called Cruisers for dinner. Not a bad place, but we'll chalk the severe lack of professional service in the guise of a waitperson and cook to they just couldn't handle a crowd. Odd, since people and tours obviously come into town on a regular basis. I guess, maybe they forgot they were on Route 66 and just outside of the Grand Canyon.

It took nearly forever to get our food, (upon ordering his well done steak, Hans was told it would be about 45 minutes), but as someone who's been in "the biz", that's OK, unless of course, that when the "well done" steak finally arrives, it's still pink and mooing. OK, that happens, but then Hans sends it back and when it comes back it looks like it went in the microwave and was still pink in the middle. When Hans finishes his dinner, (poor guy didn't dare try to send it back again), the check comes, of course, with a gratuity added. The "fun" part about it is that when I pay, they ask if I want to add more tip. REALLY??? Yeah, not so much.

Everyone is heading back to the rooms and relaxing, well, nearly everyone. I get to spend "Up to 3.5 hrs" on my final. I tried to get the instructor to give me a chance to do it before we left, but he obviously was too busy as he never bothered to get back to me. That's fine. It took about 2 hrs and was done. Actually, Done & Done! Another class finished. Turns out, I pulled a 95 in the class, go figure.

Time for bed. Tomorrow will Rock because we're heading to the Grand Canyon.

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