Route 66: 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Route 66: 2010 Day 9

Today is 6/20/10

Today we head out of Williams, AZ and we're on our way through Flagstaff, and then into New Mexico. It was nearly like a rerun of sorts as Hans & I had been there on our first day out. In fact, we rode right past our hotel. This time it was much easier to find. Musta had something to do with being so much less tired. Flagstaff is a nice place, but it was good to get on the other side.

I think I forgot to mention that outside of our first day in Colorado, the weather has been gorgeous, but hot. No rain to speak of at all. Today was no different. Of course, all the sun added to my "glove tattoos", too.

About half way through today's journey we roll into Winslow, AZ. Yep, you got it, "That" Winslow, Arizona. We did hang out on the corner and check out the the shops. Nice little place. Of course, we got lots of pictures and I started to pick up a couple things, but ended up deciding against it. By the way, they LOVE the Eagles here and Yes, there is a flat bed Ford there as well. The rest of the ride was spent with the Eagles running through my head. Not a bad thing and certainly better than some alternatives. However, how many times can a person "sing" "Take it Easy"? I would say at least 200 times over 2000 miles. :)

Our next stop was Holbrook, AZ for a bit to eat.  Actually, before we stopped to eat, we dropped by the Wigwam motel.  A very interesting little place.  Have YOU slept in a wigwam lately?  It tends to stand out on the road.

We stopped at Joe & Aggies in Holbrook. They were nice enough to open up for us as they are usually closed on Sunday. Food was good & the service wasn't bad either. Everywhere we went, the "locals" absolutely loved visiting with all the Norwegians & Danes. It was actually pretty fun, since so many folks talked about how nice "they" were. Of course, it was always entertaining when people would ask "where you from?" and I would say Colorado.

After our stop in Holbrook, we are on our way to Zuni, New Mexico and the Zuni Reservation.  We were welcomed by an Absolutely wonderful Native American "extended" family.  We were treated homemade and authentic Indian fare.  The meal was Excellent!  The family was absolutely wonderful and everyone had a great time getting to know one another.  We got a pretty amazing picture of the whole group with the sacred mountain in the back.  There were some great stories to be heard.

As we ride off the Reservation, we were greeted by many vehicles and without fail, we were greeted with a huge wave from everyone of them.  Very nice. Our last stop for the day is Gallup, New Mexico.

The night's stay was at the historic El Rancho Hotel. The main hotel is pretty cool and has lots of history. Loads of famous people have spent time in the hotel and they've got the pictures to prove it. It was a nice night's sleep and breakfast was pretty good, if not "exciting".

Tomorrow's ride takes us farther across New Mexico and into more great historic "stuff"

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