Route 66: 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Route 66: 2010 Day 8

Today is 6/19/10

This is another "mostly" non-ride day. We spent a good amount of time in and around the Grand Canyon. OK, the literal translation is really "Big Hole". We spent time in the "museum" area and the Imax for the canyon. Perhaps one of the coolest things we did was a helicopter ride through the canyon. I and Hans each took the trip, although it was so windy, the first pilot decided he didn't feel comfortable with flying in that much wind. Myself, our videographer, and two other gentlemen, got moved over to another purveyor. We were told it was an upgrade and from my standpoint, never having spent any time in a helicopter, I'd say it was an upgrade.

The views up there were Amazing! I had seen the Grand Canyon previously, with Hans and Marc in December. That was cool, but it was on the Sky Bridge. Now, the Sky Bridge is cool and all, but it is EXPENSIVE. It certainly seems like the Native Americans are getting back at the white man. Anyway, this is about the copter trip through the canyon. Wow! I took a ton of pictures.

Next up was a photo shoot with the Canyon in the background. Of course, we got the whole group up there and then everyone had the chance to get their picture taken on a 2010 Harley Heritage Softail. Afterwards, we had some pictures of our own to take. I think we got some Very cool ones. Thanks Morten!

Morten, Hans & I rode around for some time and check out some great scenes from Mother Nature. On our way out of the park, before getting back to Williams, we stopped at a great airplane, (mostly), museum. Very cool stuff. Admittedly, Morten and Hans knew MUCH more about the exhibits than Joey. I actually learned a tremendous amount and had a good time, too.  Oh yeah, I did find my new tattoo.  I think I'll do it full size, it's a bronze eagle that stands about 8 feet tall. 

Tonight's dinner was pretty cool. We went down the street, (love being able to Walk to dinner), and had Cowboy vittles. There was a band as well. Not necessarily the type of music I usually go for, but they were pretty good and the crowd enjoyed the entertainment. We had a good time, relaxed and enjoyed some good conversation with a nice older couple that was traveling around the country.

Time to call it a night and get ready to head out tomorrow.

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