Route 66: 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Route 66: 2010 Day 3

Today is 6/14/10
This is our first full day in Los Angeles.

This was really not a ride day, but a day for exploring LA. Hans, Morten and the rest of the Norwegian crew went to Universal, Hollywood and Hard Rock in the evening. By all accounts, they all had a great day.

Joey spent the day hanging out on his own and "mostly" out of trouble. First on the list was a trip to Olvera Street to meet up with Maryann. Maryann is a part of the extended Paisano Famiglia. She is Jack's Sis & Jack is Joey's personal tattoo artist. OK, so maybe that's not totally accurate, Jack is The Man! He is the only person Joey trusts to do his tattoo work. At this point, Jack has done all the visible ink that Joey has. That would be 8. Just about the time I think I'm done, I hang out with Jack and we start talking and then...

Maryann and I had lunch at a little taquito stand and spent the time catching up a bit and having a great conversation. Maryann Rocks! After we walked around abit, it was time to wonder back to the hotel. Ah, as if it were really going to be that easy... ;) Upon returning to the parking lot, Joey found a very nice little gift from the city of LA. Yep, you guessed it. A parking ticket. For some ridiculous reason, this city doesn't allow motorcycles to park in the lots. So, Joey gets to pay $13.20 as a fee. Sure sounds like an odd amount, but really, it's pretty much what it would have likely been anyway. How is it that a city the size of LA and one that obviously has traffic issues, doesn't have anything that makes sense for motorcycle parking. Likely they do, but it certainly wasn't obvious to a dork from Colorado.

After the parking lot adventure, I started my way back to the hotel. When I finally got through the traffic and back to the hotel, I decided to see about getting the Lowrider washed up. After driving around for awhile, I found a car wash spot and took the time to get off the bike and politely asked the "lady" if they did motorcycles. She said sure, just bring it over "here". I pulled up and got the "well, we can't wash that". As if I somehow tried to fool her. In my book, when you ask someone if they wash bikes and they say yes, they should probably hold up their end of the bargain. Well, chalk up another one for rude and odd people in LA.

I was thinking about catching up with everyone at Hard Rock Cafe, but after the ordeals experienced, I decided to call it a day and just stay in the general area. All in all, it was a good day to get things together mentally and get myself ready to do the actual Route 66 ride with the group. Time to hit the hay and oh yes, remember the ear plugs at night. :)

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