Route 66: 2010

Sunday, June 19, 2011

1 year (or so) in the life of Cabo & Rio Paisano

One year, (plus a little), in the life of Cabo & Rio Paisano
                It’s been a bit over a year since we found Dad’s family at Casa de Paisano.  Time has been flying by.  For us, it seems pert near like 7 years.
Since we don’t have thumbs, (you know, to hold a pen or type, or give you a thumbs up, even), we had to dictate this to Dad.  By the way, this is Cabo talking right now, (you know, First, as it should be).  We should have reported in before now, but you know how it goes when you’re Uber  popular.  So much to do, so little time, Oh, Look!  A Squirrel! 
                Anyway, it’s been a very busy year.  Much too soon, our boy Marc went home to Germany, but not before we got a quick chance to meet his Momma Heike, Sis Jana & Pop Frank.  They are Great folks, just like Marc!    We absolutely Loved all the time we spent hanging out with everyone.  In fact, when the Wilkens family was in town, Dad had a little get together & invited people over to visit us.  We Love people, Especially when they're here to see us.  You know, folks Say they're here to visit Dad, but we know better.
                Even though it seemed like a long time to us, it was only about a month or so and then we were watching Marc packing up his things.  Because it was the first time this happened, we were confused, and figured Dad would make everything alright.  We didn’t much like it when Hans & Dad took Marc for that last trip with all his stuff.  I mean, they all left, just like normal and then only Dad & Hans came back.  We looked for Marc and were sad, but then, Oh Look, another Squirrel! 

Not long after we lost Marc, Hans & Dad took off on the motorcycles for what seemed to us as For Ever.  Dad's daughter, Ashlee and her critter, Chloe hung out with us for almost 3 weeks, that was  OK, but we were SO excited when we heard the bikes in the driveway, we were bouncing off the walls and couldn’t wait for hugs from the guys.  Unfortunately, we only had another day together and then we lost Hans, too.  We tried to tell Dad to stop going to that airport place because it kept stealing our boys.
OK, OK, Ok, now it’s MY turn!!!!!  Rio here, now!  I’m SOOOOOOO Excited to talk now!  Like Cabo sez, we’ve been Really Busy and have done lots of traveling because of Dad’s work with EF Foundation for Foreign Study.  We’ve been All over the state of Colorado.  Every time we get a chance to go in the Vue, we Love it!  I REALLY love sticking my head out the window and getting all those cool new smells!    We love hanging out with Dad & the road trips are really cool, because we get to spend time together and he always takes us for walks in great new places.  Dad says we’re Great road dogs.  We Are, of course, because, as he says, Road Dogs Rule!
                I’ve got some favorite things and those are walks with Dad & Cabo, visits from & to some of our favorite buddies, like Jesse & Aunt Sunny, Shay & Uncle Bobby and Schroeder & Uncle Eric & Aunt Ames.  Of course, we Love Dad’s family and all the other folks that get to come by and visit us.  Everyone who comes to our house is family and not too long ago we got to finally meet Gramma & Aunt Ruby.  They are So awesome.  They gave us lots of luvin’ while Dad was at work & Gramma even made me a new stuffed bunny, Yay!  I LOVE to swing and toss my bunny around and Oh!  Look!  A Squirrel!
                Maybe one of my bestest, most favoritest things is just hanging out with Dad & Cabo.  I love to relax and lay my head on Cabo, like a pillow.  

Dad laffs because he says it’s because my head is so heavy, on account I got rocks in there, but  really it’s because Cabo & I are family and, and, and I luv her, she’s my Momma and I’m SO glad Dad decided to bring us both home.  It would have been really hard to not see her.
                That’s about it for now, but both Cabo & I wanted to say Thanks to our friends at 4 Paws and all the other cool animal rescue places around.  If it wasn’t for the great work all y’all do, kids like me & Cabo wouldn’t be here and we wouldn’t have gotten the chance to be a part on this awesome Paisano familia.
                So, here’s a paw High Five, (ok, 4 and a haf) and a great big Hoooooowldy to all our friends and family.  If we didn’t mention you it’s not because we don’t care, it’s because we are blessed with so many awesome humans in our lives.
                Big wet slobbery kisses from Cabo & Rio!                                              

OK, Joey here, those two are pretty demanding sometimes, like “Dad, write this down, NOW!”, but really, I don’t mind.  These girls have made my life so much better and have helped ease the pain of not having my boys around.    She’s in a perpetual wagging state and then I look into the face of Rio with her mischievous eyes and ever straight up ears and then she gently places her favorite toy in my lap.  I know I’m blessed to have found these two & can’t imagine my life without them.  When I travel away, it’s these two I miss the most.
                Bless All who work with animals & give of their hearts as much as the animals do.  Remember, dogs are the only “people” who truly love you no matter what your mood or how bad or good your day was.  Give them a chance & Please, Never, Never, Ever abandon them.
Our Best to You,
Joey, Cabo & Rio Paisano

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Joey's Vocabreativitism

Here's a list of words that have mostly been made up by Joey.  The others have been "liberated" from other sources.

1.  Eclectisism - The ability OR curse of being interested in many, many different hobbies, musical genres and various other activities.

2.  RAQ - Random Ass Question - A question that seemingly comes out of nowhere.

3.  RAT - Random Ass Thought - Similar to a RAQ, only it's not a question, but a thought that seemingly appears out of nowhere.

4.  Corprafied - The act of having one's soul sucked from them while trying to be a loyal subject of the corporate world.  I.E. - "You know, that Joey guy was pretty cool when he was working for himself, but then he went to work for that corporation and now everyone is supposed to call him Joseph.  He's been corprafied"

5.  Sleevetalker - Members of the secret service and other "special" security guards.  "The President was surrounded by sleevetalkers and other people who were tasked with keeping him safe".

6.  Randomness - the way in which the most odd and "random" things happen.  Sometimes it's an event, sometimes it's a thought.  "When Joey looks around, he sees things that other folks tend to take for granted.  

7.  Coolness - the epitomy of "great"

8.  Dr.  DMMT - Doctor of Mental Manipulation Theory - taking the art of BS to a higher, professional level.

9.  Vocabreativitism - The idea of  creating one's own vocabulary.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I plan to try to make some headway on this particular blog as things come up.  It may be something I see, it may be something I hear, it may even be something I make up, but I gaurandamtee, it WILL be Random!

While I was traveling on Highway 50 on my way to Montrose, I found a beach area called "Bay of Chickens", apparently, it's just like Bay of Pigs, only without the scary Cuban stuff...

6/2/11 -
While in Montrose, I came across a Honda Civic painted in a camouflage paint scheme.  Apparently, the military is concerned about fuel economy while on maneuvers.

As we get closer to Father's Day here in the US, a word to Dad's everywhere.  Please, Do Not let your spouse of the Mother of your children talk you into "unique" names.  It will just lead to trouble down the road.  Case in point, I ran into a young lady named Desire.  Really??  You named your kid "Desire"?  She's a short step away from becoming an "Adult Entertainer" or other some such occupation.  Same goes for "Bambi", "Peaches" and/or "Jade".

6/4/11 - I've been riding my motorcycles to work quite a bit lately, so that I can try to save some money on gas.  I just happened to look down at the trip meter that read 66.6.  Sure seems like an omen.  Sometimes work IS a road to hell, sometimes, not so much.

6/8/11 -
After I returned from my trip to the "Uppity" Wally World, where you can see ALL manner of Freaks, I hear and then see a lady walking down my street with a vacuum pulling along behind her.  That was Odd, but of course, it gets she's walking by, she shouts out; "Hey, you wanna buy some jewelry for your wife?'  Of Course!  I would LOVE to buy from you!  LOL!  Oh, Crap!  I forgot, I don't have a wife...Drat!