Route 66: 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Route 66: 2010 Day 17

Today is 6/28/10

This morning Hans & I are taking in the Harley Davidson factory tour in Kansas City.  This factory makes the Sportster, V-Rod and Dyna families of bikes.  It was a very cool tour and it's always nice to see "how it's done".  The tour guide was nice & knowledgeable and it was really tempting to try to see about packing away a new bike, but my pockets just weren't big enough.

We are now on the road back home.  This will be another long day, but we're both up to it and well, ready to be home.  Most of the ride was pretty uneventful, good right???

OK, the ride was uneventful, we rode across Kansas for well, for ever...We decided to stop for dinner and a stretch just East of the Colorado/Kansas state line.  By this time, we were more than ready to be done, but what the heck, just keep riding and well, 650 miles is a much better ride than 900 miles, (the distance from  Mom & Dad's to Joey's).  The weather held up until we got to Limon, Colorado.

Luckily, Hans & I are smart, (or at least skeptical), so we decided to suit up for the 73 miles home.  Shortly after we left Limon the skies opened up.  It rained and rained really freakin' hard nearly all the way home.  When you're tired and more that a little grumpy, the last thing you really want is a hard rain.

Once we finally get to Colorado Springs, the weather let up and we cruised into the driveway just after midnight.  Well, the girls were hanging out waiting for us. Pretty sure Ashlee told them we would be home, so they were (im)patiently waiting.  As we pulled up, they went Nuts!  Ever see 2 dogs literally bounce off the walls.  They were SO glad to see us.  That is kind of a nice feeling, to be missed...I've definitely missed out on the whole "having someone waiting for me at home" 

So, there you have it.  We're home, safe and sound.  It was an amazing fun-filled 2 weeks.  We rode, we laughed, we saw some cool sites, we met some pretty cool folks and took lots of pictures.  It was most definitely a learning experience as well.

That's all folks!  Until next time, be safe!

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