Route 66: 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

Route 66: 2010 Day 11

Today is 6/22/10

We leave wherever the heck we stayed and are on the road through more cool  scenery.  Again, I'm really sorry I didn't write myself some notes.  Duh...I absolutely promise that next time, I will make sure I know where the heck I'm at.  But then again, it's kinda like being a rock star..."Uh, where are we again..."

It was another Beautiful day with beautiful weather and I had another day where I got to spend time with my newly extended family.  Of course, it was Awesome, even if I can't freakin' remember all the details.
New Mexico is a great state, not quite as great as Colorado, of course, but great nonetheless.

One of the few places I do actually remember, after looking at pictures, etc, was Madrid, New Mexico.  They pronounce it Mad Rid.  Sorry Eric & my amigos from Spain.  Anyway, MadRid is a little town not too far north of Albuquerque and was where they filmed part of the movie "Wild Hogs."  Many bikers, including myself have seen it.  It's not half bad.  We stopped in Madrid for coffee & photos.  By the way, Maggie's Diner is really just a store front for a little retail stop.  Nice little place and one that is close enough to Colorado Springs, it might be worth another ride.

Our stop for the night was in Santa Rosa, NM.  Santa Rosa is home to Blue Hole.  It's a place where many land locked folks can go to get open water certified for scuba diving; just like Hans and Marc (our German son & brother) did back in November.

We were in town early enough so that Hans, Morten & I went to the Car Museum, well, OK, as someone said, "museum" is a bit lofty, how about Car...Place.  It was kinda cool, but still a bit of a let down.   Most of the group went for a "cowboy dinner", but the rest of us went to the nearby restaurant.  The food was OK, but the conversation was pretty cool.

Tomorrow, we head to Tejas, Y'all!

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