Route 66: 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Route 66: 2010 Day 13

Today is 6/24/10

We leave Amarillo this morning and continue our trek across the Texas panhandle.  Everyone was doing pretty good, our two that were in the accident and remained with us were in pretty good spirits, a little black and blue and sore, otherwise, not bad.  Of course, John was still a little full, since he was the young man who ate the better part of  4 1/2 pounds of steak last night.

Along the way, we stop in Shamrock, Texas at the U Drop In and the Tower Service Station. The names may mean nothing, but when you see pictures, you'll recognize them from the movies.  Nice little town.

We next roll into Erick, Oklahoma.  Erick is the proclaimed "Red Neck Capital of the World", that's what Harley and Annabelle call it, NOT me...  Harley and Annabelle are pretty fun.  They definitely are "unique".  Their shop is, uh, fulled will lots and lots of stuff.  They are however, VERY, VERY friendly.  They made us all feel at home and entertained us with songs and comedy.  The video for that stop will be Very interesting.  I think some of the guys were a little weirded out because of Harley's comment about a couple of them bein' "real cute n' stuff".  Funny...

We stopped off at several small places along the way and it seemed like every mile it was hotter and hotter and NOW, we've got humidity as well.  Just sitting at a stop sign was getting to be "interesting".  It was hot before, but we just sat there and that a word??

Throughout the ride, we got to ride through lots of little towns along the way.  One really cool thing about going through little towns is that you get to see "real America".

Finally, we get to finish up with the humidity and call it a day in El Reno, Oklahoma.  While we were coming back from dinner, we see a cool Street Glide that was from Strip Club Choppers.  Nice "accessories"  If you've ever seen a chrome mudflap girl, that's what we're talking about.

Another successful and fun day, have a Great night!

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