Route 66: 2010

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Paisano European Tour 2010 - Final Chapter

This is the "Final Chapter" of this long and winding road that we've dubbed the Paisano European Tour 2010.  It's been my pleasure to recount the tale and relive the adventure. 

Originally, I had planned to chronicle the last couple of days and tell you all about the amazing lack of consideration and customer service shown by various arilines, specifically in the area of luggage handling, (NOT Luftansa), however I've decided to "get over it" and realize that's Not how I wanted to end this trip.

Ultimately, what REALLY mattered about this trip was the amazing quality time I got to spend with family.  I was lucky enough to celebrate Momma Paisano's 80th birthday, (admittedly 8 months late).  There were SO many high points to this trip that I would end up spending another several days talking about it.  The reality is
the time spent with Momma was wonderful.  Being able to see Switzerland and meet Eva & Mike.  The time spent with Marc, Heike, Jana & Frank as well as more of the family there in Germany. The time spent with Hanso, Line, Morten, Ronja, Kristen, Maja and the rest of the Norwegian family. That All added up to a phenomenally exceptional adventure. 

We couldn't have asked for a better time and amazing wealth of history, nature and the most important point of all, FAMILY.  As you might have guessed by now, I place a pretty high value on family.  Even though my blood family is relatively small, it's my extended family that makes me proud to be who I am. Sure, I talk, (alot), about feeling like I'm a dork, but in reality, I know I can do anything I put my mind to and with the help of this family, it WILL be possible.  I hope one day to welcome a wonderful woman into my life and children of my own as well.  In the meantime, I am Very proud to call all of You my family and for me, it's Not just a comment, it IS from the heart.

Deutsch: Momma und ich möchte Ihnen für Ihre Gastfreundschaft, Freundschaft danken und vor allem zur Herstellung von uns das Gefühl, wie eine Familie.  Sie alle haben immer eine offene Einladung, hier zu Besuch in Colorado, wann immer Sie wollen. Die Familie ist immer willkommen!

Norske: Momma og jeg vil takke deg for din gjestfrihet, vennskap og mest av alt for å gjøre oss føler at familien.  Dere alle alltid har en åpen invitasjon til å besøke her i Colorado, når du vil. Familien er alltid velkommen!

I AM blessed for All of my family, all over the world.  As each year goes by, I get to meet and interact with ever more people, see and experience more sights, sounds and yes, "experiences", too.  With that, we'll call this blog session over.

Bless You and may your life Always be as good as you deserve.


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