Route 66: 2010

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I plan to try to make some headway on this particular blog as things come up.  It may be something I see, it may be something I hear, it may even be something I make up, but I gaurandamtee, it WILL be Random!

While I was traveling on Highway 50 on my way to Montrose, I found a beach area called "Bay of Chickens", apparently, it's just like Bay of Pigs, only without the scary Cuban stuff...

6/2/11 -
While in Montrose, I came across a Honda Civic painted in a camouflage paint scheme.  Apparently, the military is concerned about fuel economy while on maneuvers.

As we get closer to Father's Day here in the US, a word to Dad's everywhere.  Please, Do Not let your spouse of the Mother of your children talk you into "unique" names.  It will just lead to trouble down the road.  Case in point, I ran into a young lady named Desire.  Really??  You named your kid "Desire"?  She's a short step away from becoming an "Adult Entertainer" or other some such occupation.  Same goes for "Bambi", "Peaches" and/or "Jade".

6/4/11 - I've been riding my motorcycles to work quite a bit lately, so that I can try to save some money on gas.  I just happened to look down at the trip meter that read 66.6.  Sure seems like an omen.  Sometimes work IS a road to hell, sometimes, not so much.

6/8/11 -
After I returned from my trip to the "Uppity" Wally World, where you can see ALL manner of Freaks, I hear and then see a lady walking down my street with a vacuum pulling along behind her.  That was Odd, but of course, it gets she's walking by, she shouts out; "Hey, you wanna buy some jewelry for your wife?'  Of Course!  I would LOVE to buy from you!  LOL!  Oh, Crap!  I forgot, I don't have a wife...Drat!

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