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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Joey's Vocabreativitism

Here's a list of words that have mostly been made up by Joey.  The others have been "liberated" from other sources.

1.  Eclectisism - The ability OR curse of being interested in many, many different hobbies, musical genres and various other activities.

2.  RAQ - Random Ass Question - A question that seemingly comes out of nowhere.

3.  RAT - Random Ass Thought - Similar to a RAQ, only it's not a question, but a thought that seemingly appears out of nowhere.

4.  Corprafied - The act of having one's soul sucked from them while trying to be a loyal subject of the corporate world.  I.E. - "You know, that Joey guy was pretty cool when he was working for himself, but then he went to work for that corporation and now everyone is supposed to call him Joseph.  He's been corprafied"

5.  Sleevetalker - Members of the secret service and other "special" security guards.  "The President was surrounded by sleevetalkers and other people who were tasked with keeping him safe".

6.  Randomness - the way in which the most odd and "random" things happen.  Sometimes it's an event, sometimes it's a thought.  "When Joey looks around, he sees things that other folks tend to take for granted.  

7.  Coolness - the epitomy of "great"

8.  Dr.  DMMT - Doctor of Mental Manipulation Theory - taking the art of BS to a higher, professional level.

9.  Vocabreativitism - The idea of  creating one's own vocabulary.

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