Route 66: 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Paisano European Tour 2010 - Day 1

Day 1 begins on September 7.

I left Casa de Paisano around 8am, after spending some quality time with my girls.  The drive from the Casa to Mom & Dad's place in Buffalo, Iowa is just a touch over 900 miles.  During the drive I had much time to think about loads of stuff.

I thought about everything from death & taxes to work and kids and even "the M word".  The drive took around 13 or so hours and well, is Very boooring.  This time I went through Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa.  We all joke about how windy Kansas is; well, I think Nebraska has Kansas beat.  You know it's windy when they have wind socks on the overpasses.  During the long trip across the state and the Neverending side wind, I thought the state was nearly as long as California.

The Vue did a great job and was pretty comfortable.  Even though it's more comfortable than riding the Lowrider, I still got bored and "twitchy".  I only stopped for the requisite "E & F" breaks.  In case your wondering - that means "empty & fill".  I think you can likely figure out what was emptied and what was filled.

When I finally arrived, 13 hours later, Mom, Dad and Nikki, (Mom's little white fuzzball American Eskimo dog), were waiting for me.  Actually, Nikki is pretty cool & she's great company for Mom.  :)  Once I pulled in, hugged everyone and took a whiz, I unloaded my stuff.  More importantly, I unloaded a special gift for Dad.

The gift was a combination of Father's Day & Birthday.  This project was a shadowbox.  It was supposed to be the Harley Davidson Bar & Shield and while it didn't exactly look that way, it turned out pretty well.  I put a HD cap, belt buckle, Dad's biker gloves, classic black & white pictures of Dad on his bike from 1955 and lastly, 2 black & whites of yours truly.  Check it out...

Unfortunately, the pictures just don't quite show it off correctly, must be the plexiglass.  Anyway, I think Dad actually liked this one.  He is VERY hard to buy or make stuff for.  This project was kinda YOU have an idea for a shadowbox or other project?  I have somebody who can help you out  ;)

After a beer, (or two), it was time to crash for the night.  Lots of stuff to do the next day.  So ends day one of this adventure.  Stay tuned.

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