Route 66: 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Paisano European Tour 2010 - Day 18

Day 18 is September 24

Ahhh, our first full day in Norway.  I was able to sleep in a bit today and finally drug myself out about 9am.  After a nice breakfast, I started feeling a bit better.  No one ever likes being sick, but I would much rather feel bad at my own home.  Being sick on the road really sucks; I also want to try to make sure I don't get anyone else sick. 

After I get myself together and everyone else is out for the day, Morten took Momma and I sightseeing.  Today, we started out with a trip to the nearby light house.  The views up there are Amazing!  As always, Morten gave us great stories to go along with the views.  Parts of the lighthouse area and concrete foundations were left behind by the World War II Nazi war machine.  Other than that, it was great place to be and there's even a picnic and cabin area near by.

We took pictures and looked around from the high 180 degree plus views, we drove around the area and checked out the coast.  We also took in the site of the future Raustein palace.  Actually, maybe not a palace, but the future home-site looks like it will be outstanding.  The somewhat cliff/mountainside location facing the fjord will be Great.  All that and it will be at the end of the street, as well.  Those are always the fancy houses.  Hey, wait, my house is at the end of the street...oh yeah, I live in the 'hood; never mind.

Our next stop on this day's tour was a great opportunity to meet Morten's, Marten and Astrid, out at their farm.  Morten has some toys out at the farm.  Two of the coolest were "veterans".  He's got an old, basic troop carrier of sorts and a great looking '56 Chevy Bel Air wagon.  It's a very cool black and white and has plenty of room for the whole family.  There's always something very cool about a nice old car.  Back in the '50's, those cars had real personality.  There's lots of great stuff out there on the farm.  What a great place and the views were great, too.  Marten & Astrid were awesome about making us feel very welcome as well.  Takk!

Dinner tonight was lasagna and vino.  Two of my favorite things and Hans was good enough to pick up a great bottle of one of my favorite wine regions in the world.  Rioja!  Yay!  Takk Hans, you learned well.  ;)  
I had a bit of fun convincing Line that Rio was named after the wine region.  Her name is actually Rioja, but maybe I'm just lazy and call her Rio, I mean after all, I call Hans Olav, just Hans...  ;)

After dinner, we did a drive out to the coast to try to catch the sunset, but we didn't quite make it this time.  That being said, it was still great.  The coastal area is wonderful and of course, just like Switzerland and Germany, the family here is unbelievable.  Later in the evening, I spent some quality time with Hans.  We worked on a "saying" for his graduation announcements.  I came up with "Fanticecceptionalistic Norwegianal Explorer" , we'll see if I get "published".  Either way, I had a good time giving my brain a bit of a work out.  That being completed, I'm done, out and calling it a day.

Here's to a hopefully good night's sleep and feeling a bit better in the morning.

Good Night All.

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