Route 66: 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Paisano European Tour 2010 - Day 16

Day 16 is September 22

Sadly, this is our last full day in Germany ;(

While I was waiting for the rest of the Wilkens crew to make their way downstairs, I got some pictures of the horsies out back and couldn't help but think of my Sis Jenno's comment when we saw horses in Colorado.  Her comment was "Ohh, look at the horsies, Woof, Woof".  Cracks me up Every time!

Today we, (Frank, Heike, Momma, Marc & I), spent time driving around a bit, seeing sites around the area and then we dropped Marc off to take his driver test.  As we expected, Marc passed with flying colours!  YAY!!!  Marc is now an officially, fully licensed German driver...uh-oh, I mean, Yay!  I Knew he could do it.  I mean afterall, he did some learning out here in Colorado, (and did a Great job, too).  While we were waiting for all the "important" folks to show up, the instructor commented about Marc's "fan club".  Glad to be known for something.

After Marc's triumph, we had a light lunch and then went to Alster Lake.  This time out, it was Momma, Heike, Jana & I.  The weather was Beautiful!  We walked around for awhile and I was able to get some really cool pictures.  This time through the park area I saw much that I didn't get to see on our first visit.  There were folks hanging out enjoying the sun, dogs playing, folks out on the lake, sailing, rowing and enjoying a great time.  I also saw some sculpture around the pathway and they even had these really cool lounge chairs out in the middle of the park for people who want to relax and enjoy nature.  Why can't we have things like that here in the US?

Our last night here in Germany featured a Great dinner with the Wilkens'.  Tonight we get to dine with Suzanne, Nadine and Aline as well as Heike, Jana, Marc and Frank.  It was outstanding!  What a great end to a wonderful week.  After dinner and dessert, we got to watch Aline's pictures of Cypress.  I Know I've not traveled Nearly enough and seeing these pictures serve to prove the fact.  These pictures were great.  It looks like a wonderful place and too many people, Especially, folks from the US, do not think about traveling to other countries, especially those countries that the think are "different"

This evening's celebration was wonderful, BUT...I'm really starting to feel the effects of Marc's cold and his souvenir he gave me from his trip to Poland.  That's OK, I guess, it's the gift that keeps on giving.

danke euch allen dafür, dass Mama und ich nach Deutschland, wie es war bestimmt Erfahrung, mit der Familie. Es war eine Reise ihres Lebens. Immer in unseren Herzen. Vielen Dank für die Familie.

Thanks for the memories,

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