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Friday, November 12, 2010

Paisano European Tour 2010 - Day 10

Day 10 is September 16

Momma and I got up, got ready and went up to our rooftop garden breakfast spot.  We left Hotel Crystal without issue, which was expected because this was a great hotel.  We drag our bags, (again ;) to the Metro.  Again, the innkeeper was a great help, so we knew exactly where to go.  The Metro got us to the Bahnhoff in time to catch our train to Bern from Lausanne.

Our trip from Lausanne to Bern was actually really nice.  I can safely say that going first class is THE best way to go. While we were traveling I sent a sms/text message to Michael & Eva.  Michael and Eva are Mom & Dad to Mona.  Mona is an outstanding EF student who is living in Lakewood/Denver, Colorado.  I was actually quite surprised at how quickly we got to Bern.

When we arrived in Bern at the bahnhof we were met by our "hosts" in this great city.  Mike & Eva are Wonderful!  They were so nice and got us to the tourist station so that we could book our hotel, then Michael drove Momma to the hotel Jardin while Eva & I rode the metro.  We got rid of our luggage, yay no need to pull around the suitcases! After getting checked in & dropping off the stuff, we then joined Mike & Eva at the Rosengarten for lunch.  The food was great, the service was very good & the company was outstanding! All was great, but I have to admit it was a touch loud, so I had to strain a bit to hear everything, but it was a wonderful lunch with outstanding conversation.

After our lunch, we got a chance to look out over the city and to get a few photos.  We got a really great one with Mike & Eva, too.  Unfortunately, they had other commitments, so after a brief drive around near
BärenPark and Old Bärengraben (Pit) next to the Aare River, we said our good-byes.
Momma and I walked around & saw some cool architecture, great old buildings & even walked past Parliament.  Michael had said that Bern was a small city but we really had no idea until we suddenly ended up at the rail station.

Momma and I stopped for a bit of a rest & an espresso at a nice little spot on the street in Bern.  While we were talking, I looked over Momma's shoulder and saw what appeared to be an EF flag.  I say  "appeared" because my eyes are getting old and it was backwards for me.  I know what you are thinking...why would that matter, Joey is "backwards most of the time anyway.  Yeah, well, Ha Ha...  So, we finished up and checked it out as it was on the way to the metro.  Turns out, I was right it Was an EF flag.  Anyway, we went up, rang the bell and hung out with Miki for a bit.  She was very nice & we had a great conversation.  It's always a pleasure to meet folks from our other offices, all over the world.

After we took our leave from the EF Office, we walked the two blocks or so back to the metro and hoped on the right train..well I Thought it was the correct one, until I didn't recognize a single thing.  As you might remember, I get a bit directionally challenged sometimes, so I was not so much lost, but "temporarily unaware of my physical surroundings as the related to our destination.  Of course, we figured out that it was just the opposite end of the same line and when it came back to the station and then went the other way, viola!  We got to where we wanted.

After a brief  "freshen-up", Momma and I walked back to Ticino Restaurant/pizzeria for one of the best meals we've had on the trip, especially in relation to the amount of money we spent, (not much)& mostly cheap.  I love the feel of this area because they've got great food within walking distance of the flats, businesses and hotels, great mass transit, until my hometown and great people as well.  lastly, we went back to our hotel and ended our adventure with a caffe and ice cream.

Today was our last day exploring Switzerland and we had another great day.  Thanks, certainly in part to Michael & Eva.

Have a Great Night!

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