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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ottmar Liebert @ The Soiled Dove 8/6/10

Tonight, we're enjoying some great live music!

Let's tell you about it a little.  The Soiled Dove is a very cool, intimate, small club in Denver.  They're located near 1st Ave & Quebec on the old Lowry Airforce Base site.  Above the Soiled Dove is Tavern Lowry.  Our crew, Mizz Vick, Sunny, Sue, Bobby & I, decided to eat at Tavern Lowry this night.  I must say, I was quite impressed.  This is no ordinary bar food, this is reasonably priced, good food.  What a pleasant surprise.  Each of the five of us had a very nice meal AND it was reasonably priced.  Go figure...  After our meal we walked downstairs to the Soiled Dove.  I SO love being able to walk to a venue after a good meal.

OK, so let's talk about the venue a bit.  The stage is a bit of a semi circle with seats right against the stage, higher tables a little farther out and then a set of seats right along the rail/bar.  The capacity for this club is right around 350.  There is really no bad seat in the house.  This is now the fourth time I've been here and I always have a great time.

As there were five of us this time, we got seats on the rail/bar table instead of a table, (those only hold 4), so we were nearly center stage and about 20 feet or so from Ottmar, his bass player and drummer.  Ottmar and he band Luna Negra, play what is referred to as "Nuevo Flamenco"  That may sound rather New Age-ish and that may conjure up thoughts of "elevator".  Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Ottmar is very laid back and treats you to a show that makes you feel like you are in your living room with an old friend.  Along those lines, there's a large lava lamp on stage and Ottmar's "uniform" for the show is jeans, t-shirt and bare feet.  That is what gives it a very comfortable feel.  Ottmar and Luna Negra give you a stripped down show that is just about the music.  He gives you a very full sound and only plays an acoustic guitar with a mic stuck in front of it.  The bass & drums simply add to the sound and never over power it.  Ottmar doesn't sing, so it was a night filled with amazing guitar music.  He is very intense and as you watch, you can see the pure joy in his face and that he is lucky enjoy to do something he truly enjoys AND wants to share that with you.  He makes the guitar sing and talk for him. 

Long ago, my brother Vinny and I had the opportunity to meet Ottmar and we found him to be very generous, honest and personable.  I've not had the opportunity to see him  4 times and he never disappoints.  If you have the chance to see him, please do it.  It will be a great, relaxing time and you'll get to someone, in a very intimate setting and you will not be disappointed.   Sorry for the picture quality, it from my cell phone.

If Ottmar might not be to your taste, no worries, check out The Soiled Dove online and look through their concert schedule. Lots of great artists play here.  By the way, should I ever have a date again, this just might be the place to take her...yeah, you're right, I should just plan on going anyway, instead of waiting for a date.  ;)


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