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Monday, August 9, 2010

In The Machine @ The Black Sheep 8/7/10

Tonight Colorado Springs originals In The Machine headlined at The Black Sheep.  Let's take a minute to give you the rundown of Who the heck In The Machine is.  You WILL need to know this because you'll be hearing great things about them.

In The Machine:
Corey Brown - master vocalist.  Corey has that type of voice that really gets in your head and makes you go, Yeah!  He's got the pipes to make anyone with ears to stand up and take notice.  Corey can easily rock the house and makes you believe you are in the presence of a world class lead singer.

Doug Brown is the man behind the drums AND vocals.  Doug has the skills of a madman back behind the kit.  You may not see much of him, but there is no doubt that he lays the foundation that keeps the band rocking and keeps your head bopping.  Doug also adds the perfect harmony & layer to Corey's lead vocals.

Next up is Jsin Elliott on guitar.  Jsin is a presence on stage.  He's an amazing fluid player that is very well at home on stage and makes things look effortless.  Things you notice about Jsin are the smile that let's you know he's having fun, an intense playing style and of course, the big guns that make the guitars look like toys.

Now it's time for Ian Ringler.  Ian is the second half of a simply amazing rhythm section that Screams, "We are gonna ROCK YOU!"  Ian plays an unbelievable 12 string bass.  Yes, that's right, I said 12 string.  The bottom end that Ian lays down is the kind of thing that will make you feel the music all the way to your soul.  It IS that cool.  Anybody can play a 4 string or even a 5 string, (well, anyone with talent), but it takes someone on a Mission to play the 12 string Hamer.

Lastly, simply because I went left to right as the guitars are lined up on stage, is Eric Madrid.  Eric is a true guitar animal.  Eric can do it all.  He's the consummate rock star with an Amazing attitude that goes with it.  I mean that in the BEST sense of the word.  Eric gives it 110% every time out and makes sure the audience gets more than their money's worth.  He plays with style, grace and what can I say, he has FUN!  And really, isn't fun what music is supposed to be all about?

OK, now down to bid'ness.  In The Machine is a band that comes together and is so much more than just the sum of its parts.  Here's a group of guys that has all the qualities of a multi-platinum rock n roll band that could easily put some of the so-called "Rock Stars" to shame.  Each guy has talent that could carry any band, but playing together makes a great combination.

The band took the stage at The Black Sheep as the headliners.  The Boys were Ready to Rock the House!  The guys all have absolutely amazingly humble attitudes.  I've heard it said that it doesn't matter if there are 12 people or 12,000 people facing the stage.  It's up to the band to give the best they've got and they absolutely did that.  Have you ever been to a show by a band you really liked and they seem to be just up there going through the motions or worse give you the feeling that they think you are there to worship them  In The Machine make it very clear that they enjoy what they do and they are truly there to entertain YOU!

This show featured songs from their upcoming debut album that is currently being recorded at Enharmonic Studies, right here in Colorado Springs.  These songs are tight, solid and could easily be heard anywhere on the radio, that is, if only radio stations and record labels would actually listen for talent and not what's "popular".  The songs played on Saturday night were flawless.  The combination of intricate drums, thundering bass line with the twin guitars flowing in, out and over the foundation gives a perfect spot for soaring vocals.  This is history in the making.  If you haven't yet seen this band, you are missing out.  Next time they play, do yourself a favor and get to the show.  You'll be able to tell your friends, "Dude, I saw these guys before they got big.  They were frickin' Awesome!!!!"

In the meantime, check out these websites to find out what's happening with the band.

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